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Chengcheng Liu
Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology
Room 1301, Building D2, Bay Valley Science and Technology Park
Young Researcher

Education and Work Background

● 20120/06 -- Present: Young researcher, institute of biomedical engineering and technology, institute of engineering and applied technology, fudan university

● 2016/09 -- 2020/05: Assistant professor, institute of acoustics, school of physical science and engineering, tongji university

● 2014/07 -- 2016/09: Postdoctoral fellow of electronic engineering department of fudan university (cooperative supervisor: he de an, wang weiqi, hu bo)

● 2009/09 -- 2014/06: Doctor of biomedical engineering, department of electronic engineering, fudan university

● 2005/09 -- 2009/07: Fudan university department of electronic engineering biomedical engineering bachelor of science

Research Direction

● Medical ultrasound, ultrasound signal processing, ultrasound imaging, ultrasound scattering, numerical simulation, ultrasound therapy, etc

Scientific Research Project

● Presided over the project of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund “Diagnosis and treatment of skeletal system” (No. 12122403)

● Presided over the project of Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star “Ultrasonic diagnosis and regulation of human musculoskeletal tissue” (No. 21QC1400100)

● Presided over the project of Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan “Ultrasonic control technology and instrument development for skeletal muscle injury repair” (No. 20S31901300)

● Presided over the general project of national natural science foundation of China "study on evaluation method of bone joint ultrasound imaging based on coded excitation and adaptive beamforming" (No. 11874289)

● Presided over the national natural science foundation of China youth fund project "study on ultrasonic backscattering method for evaluating anisotropic microstructure of cancelous bone" (No.11504057)

● Presided over by the Chinese postdoctoral science foundation "research on the mechanism of ultrasonic backscattering in anisotropic cancelous bone" (No. 2015M571490)

● Presided over the special fund for basic scientific research business of central universities of tongji university -- interdisciplinary research "research on the detection method of perfusion pile position karst caves based on medical ultrasonic imaging technology" (No. 02302150002)

● Hosted, tongji university youth outstanding talent training action plan "research on evaluation criteria of anisotropic bone ultrasonic backscattering"

Honors and Awards

● Winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund in 2021

● 2021 Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star

● Gold medal, 47th Geneva international exhibition of inventions, project name: bone ultrasonic diagnostic instrument (ranking 7/8)

● The 21st China international industry expo college exhibition area special prize

● Natural science award, second prize, 2018 Shanghai science and technology award, project name: theoretical and methodological study of ultrasonic evaluation of bone (ranking 4/5)

● "Excellent product award" of the 20th China international hi-tech fair in 2018

● 2017 Xi 'an - Shanghai acoustical society 5th acoustical academic exchange excellent report award

● 2016 Science and technology progress award, second prize, Ministry of Education, project name: new method, instrument and application of ultrasonic diagnosis of skeletal system (ranking 3/10)

● 2016 Tongji university youth outstanding talent training action plan

● 2013 Shanghai physics society "Shanghai university graduate student innovation forum" first prize

Concurrent Academic Posts

● Member of Computational Acoustics Branch of Acoustical Society of China

● Member of Chinese Society of Ultrasound Medical Engineering

● Member of Instrument Engineering Development Professional Committee

● IEEE Senior Member

● Member of The Acoustical Society of China

Representative Papers

  1. Tianyu Liu, Yingzhi Ye, Chengcheng Liu*, Jing Chen*, Zhiwei Yang, Yuehua Liu, Dean Ta. Key-Point Based Automated Diagnosis for Alveolar Dehiscence in the mandibular incisors using a convolutional neural network. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2023, 85: 105082.

  2. Dongsheng Bi, Chengcheng Liu*, Zhongquan Dai, Zhili Li, Ying Li, Boyi Li*, Dan Li, Linjie Wang, Lina Qu, Yinghui Li, Dean Ta*. Human bone loss assessed by high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography and ultrasonic transmission techniques. Microgravity Science and Technology, 2023,35:12.

  3. Yuefu Chen, Shuxin Sun, Xinyan Zhou, Min He, Ying Li*, Chengcheng Liu*, Dean Ta. Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and parathyroid hormone improving muscle atrophy in estrogen deficiency mice. Ultrasonics, 2023, 132 (2023):106984. IF: 4.06,Q1.

  4. Yan Jia, Yuefu Chen, Chen Jiang, Shuxin Sun, Chengcheng Liu*, Dean Ta. Ultrasonic full-waveform inversion for dynamically monitoring bone micro-structure deterioration in osteoporosis progression. ACTA ACUSTICA, 2023, 48(6): 1189-1198.

  5. Chengcheng Liu, Boyi Li, Qiangqiang Diwu,et al. Relationships of ultrasonic backscatter with bone densities and microstructure in bovine cancellous bone. IEEE transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. 2018, 65(12):2311-2321 (Highlight paper/期刊推荐文章).

  6. Chengcheng Liu, Rui Dong, Boyi Li, Ying Li,et al. Ultrasonic backscatter characterization of cancellous bone using a general Nakagami statistical model. Chinese Physics B. 2019,28(2):024302 (Highlight paper/期刊推荐文章).

  7. Chengcheng Liu, Rong Zhang, Ying Li,et al. An ultrasonic backscatter instrument for cancellous bone evaluation in neonates. Engineering. 2015, 1(3): 336-343. (Highlight paper/期刊推荐文章).

  8. Chengcheng Liu, Boyi Li, Ying Li, et al. Ultrasonic backscatter difference measurement of bone health in preterm and term newborns. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.2020,46(2):305-314.

  9. 东蕊,刘成成*, 蔡勋兵等. 超声背散射骨质评价中的频散衰减测量与补偿. 物理学报, 2019,18:184301-1:8

  10. Ying Li, Boyi Li, Yifang Li,Chengcheng Liu*,et al. The ability of ultrasonic backscatter parametric imaging to characterize bovine trabecular bone. Ultrasonic imaging, 2019, 41(5):271-289

  11. Chen Jiang, Yunqing Li, Boyi Li,Chengcheng Liu*,et al. Ray theory based transcranial phase correction for intracranial imaging: A phantom study. IEEE Access, 2019,7:163013-163021

  12. Xingxing Chou, Feng Xu, Ying Li,Chengcheng Liu*, et al. Variability in ultrasound backscatter induced by trabecular microstructure deterioration in cancellous bone. BioMed Research International, 2018, 4786329:1-7.

  13. Chengcheng Liu, Dean Ta, Tao Tang,et al. Measurement of human calcaneus in vivo using ultrasonic backscatter spectral centroid shift. J Ultrasound Med. 2016, 35(10): 2197-2208.

  14. Chengcheng Liu, Tao Tang, Dean Ta,et al. Signal of interest selection standard for ultrasonic backscatter in cancellous bone evaluation. Ultrasound in Med & Biol. 2015, 41(10): 2714-2721.

  15. Chengcheng Liu, Dean Ta, Bo Hu,et al. The analysis and compensation of cortical thickness effect on ultrasonic backscatter signals in cancellous bone. J Appl Phys. 2014, 116(12), 124903.

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  18. Yunqi Jiang,Chengcheng Liu, Ruoyu Li, et al. Analysis of apparent integrated backscatter coefficient and backscattered spectral centroid shift in calcaneus in vivo for the ultrasonic evaluation of osteoporosis. Ultrasound in Med & Biol. 2014, 40(6): 1307-1317.

  19. Rong Zhang, Dean Ta,Chengcheng Liu, et al. Feasibility of bone assessment with ultrasonic backscatter signals in neonates. Ultrasound in Med & Biol. 2013, 39(10): 1751-1759.

  20. Tao Tang,Chengcheng Liu, Feng Xu, et al. Correlation between the combination of apparent integrated backscatter and spectral centroid shift and bone mineral density. J Med Ultrason. 2016, 43(2): 167-173.

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